I'm a native San Franciscan sharing her love of architecture, photography, & travel.  

Why a blog?


So, why a blog?  Well, mainly, to keep track of all my favorite spots and my travels. I tend to keep my special finds across multiple platforms and apps (GoogleMaps, Pinterest, Spot, and a particularly monstrous Excel spreadsheet). Here's my way of making a more cohesive collection, with the added bonus of sharing it with you! 

Secondly, I think it will be an interesting practice - to see how this changes the way I see the world. With Instagram, and iPhone photography, I started to notice the small details of cities in a new way. A random door with a wisp of wisteria framing it became something more significant. Will the same happen when I travel with a bit more intent?

This will be a learning experience for all of us - I barely read blogs, so diving into the deep end of making one may prove...well, interesting. 

Have favorite cities/places/etc. that you think I should visit and experience? Comment below! 

The Inner Richmond

The Inner Richmond