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Hoxton Roadtrip

Hoxton Roadtrip


While I'm a major fan of Airbnb, there's nothing quite like spending a few nights in a hotel bed. I got the exciting opportunity to take a bit of a "road trip" between Hoxton locations when I was in Europe in June. I stayed at the Shoreditch location on the front end of my trip and at the Amsterdam abode before flying home - the perfect bookends to my month-long adventure!


"Why be moody when you can shake your booty?" was written on the large mirror beside the bed, which has to be the most unique welcome message I've ever received! With London's moody weather, it's always important to be reminded that a booty boogie is a quick way to brighten the mood. Well played, Hoxton Shoreditch. 

Not your traditional lobby - free wifi, a coffee bar, and oodles of cozy seating options make the Shoreditch location the perfect place to relax or get work done. 



Centrally located in the center of the Canal Belt, Hoxton's Amsterdam location is the perfect base to have while exploring the city. You can easily walk to the 9 Streets, full of boutiques and restaurants, or walk up to Museumplein to visit great museums. Simply strolling the canals is always a great option as well! 

The brunch at the Hoxton Amsterdam was the perfect way to begin a drizzly summer day! Fresh juices and pancakes is a hard combination to go wrong with. Definitely be sure to visit on a weekend to experience the brunch and then laze around upstairs in the big couches. 


Have you ever seen a more appealing hotel lounge? Fluffy pillows, big chairs, and free wifi. 

There's also a very cutely curated patio - too bad it was raining during my visit! Guess I'll just have to take advantage of it next time I'm in town...


I'm really glad I got to stay at both the Shoreditch and Amsterdam outposts, which are designed to fit their neighborhoods and cities. I'd say that's perhaps my favorite thing about the Hoxton locations, that each location is different but gorgeously designed. I can't wait for their additional cities to open! Guides to East London and Amsterdam are in the works :)